Where has Liv been?

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August 22, 2015

Hey everyone!

I mentioned in my last post that things had been really hectic lately, and I unfortunately was unable to post over the last month the way I was hoping to – I’ve gotten a few ideas and drafts jotted down, but nothing’s been at a shareable state. The reason? I’ve been finishing up my Intro to Computer Graphics course and heads down in my most recent project: putting together an experimental 1-week Intro to VR Development course!

I’m off to Bremen, Germany this afternoon on an exciting adventure to bring virtual reality to the University of Bremen’s Informatica Feminale program. Throughout the week, I’ll be teaching a basic overview of the current state of the virtual reality industry, concerns and considerations with building for VR (don’t get people sick!), and introductory development principles through hands-on HMD labs, the WebVR template, and Unity! I could not be more grateful and excited for the opportunity to travel and share my love of virtual reality with more women in the tech industry.

This will be the first time doing the entirety of this course (I’ve taught the components separately, but not all in one series) in a class setting, and I’m really excited to get feedback on how to improve education on virtual reality development. After the week is over, I plan on releasing the materials so that anyone can go through it themselves, so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, come back in a few weeks check it out!

The next month is also going to be insanely busy with a lot of trips sprinkled throughout, but it’s all going to be a ton of fun. I’ll be in Seattle the 8th – 10th (Any Seattle VR folks want to grab coffee?) and at Oculus Connect in LA the 22nd – 25th, so stay tuned – I’m hoping to get some of this stuff I’m writing released between plane trips!




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