Tutorial: Wedge Template in Affinity Designer

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September 17, 2014

This tutorial is a step by step walkthrough for how to use Affinity Designer to create a template for a circle split into 8 equal wedges. This can then be used in designs, or as a starting point for a wider variety of wedge sizes. My personal preference is to use wedges in a circle for designing color palettes.

1. Draw a circle with the Circle tool

2. Click the circle you have just drawn and select the Pointer tool. At the top menu, click “Convert to Curves”. This will allow you to use the points on the curve as a guide for creating the wedges equally.

3. Use the Pen tool and click next to your circle. Hold the Shift key down to make a straight line that is roughly the same length as your circle’s diameter. If necessary, adjust the width of the line to match the circle.

4. Use Shift (or CMD + A) to select the line and circle with the Pointer tool. Click the Horizontal Align button to align the line you’ve drawn directly in the center of the circle.

5. Group the items together by clicking ‘Group’ or selecting both items and pressing CMD + G.

6. Repeat step 3 with a horizontal line to bisect the circle perpendicularly.

7. Use Shift (or CMD + A) to select the new line and the group you created. Click the Vertical Align button to align the second line to create a circle with 4 sections.

8. Group the items together by clicking ‘Group’ or selecting all items and pressing CMD + G.

9. Select the circle in the group and set the fill to transparent.

10. Copy your grouped item and paste it to create a second circle.

11. Rotate the second circle by selecting the newly pasted circle and typing 45 into the R: box on the Transform tab in the object properties view.

12. Select the two circles and use the Horizontal and Vertical alignment buttons to make sure your circle is evenly spaced.

13. Use the triangle tool to draw a triangle that sits in one of the wedges. Select the Path tool and grab the top of your triangle to match the curve of your circle.

14. Rotate your wedge and copy it into each of the wedges. You may need to adjust the positioning slightly.

15. Delete the original guide lines.

16. Use CMD + A to select all of the wedges and group them together.


  • You can change each wedge color individually by double-clicking it with the pointer tool and changing the fill, or by going to Layers and selecting the individual wedge you want to change.
  • Change the number of wedges you want in your shape by repeating the process of adding divisions to the circle.

8-Wedge Template Downloads

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