Three months in – an update on my Nokia 928 Review

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September 20, 2013

Alright. I’ll admit it. My first review was a little over the top with excitement about having a new smart phone. Since I’ve had the chance to use my Nokia 928 for close to three months, I decided that I wanted to do an update review based on some additional things I’ve found. First of all, I still like Windows Phone. The simplicity with which my Windows 8.1 PC syncs with my phone is just amazing – just about everything I ever access is at hand regardless of where I am. That said, there are a few things that I would love to see change.

1. The wonky bugs

I have had several issues with bugs on my WP8 that have colored my experience of the phone a bit. At least once a week, I have to do a hard restart on the phone to get the touch screen to either a) become receptive again or b) stop it from picking up phantom touches. When I compare that to my iPad 2, which I only turn off on flights, I can see why the sandboxing on iOS contributes to the quality assurance on the iDevices.

2. Apps seem to have runaway processes

It makes sense to me that I can close Pandora and still have music playing. What doesn’t make sense is that I then have no way at all to actually end the music. I can pause it for as long as I want, but there’s always that bar on the top of my screen whenever I hit a button on the side, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to kill it without restarting the phone. There have been several cases where apps freeze up and I have no way to kill them.

3. I want a way to exit my apps without being in them

To exit an application on Windows Phone, you just have to press the back button. Simple enough, but I’m used to being able to just return to the home screen and not worry about it. There’s a nice UI on WP8 where you can switch between suspended apps – being able to to end them from that screen would be wonderful.

4. App support

I read an interesting article about one guy’s proposal on how Microsoft should get people into the app store, and I’m inclined to agree that a better developer incentive is needed. I hate using third-party apps for services, and the fact that many big companies *cough Google cough* won’t release official apps on Windows Phone has made me increasingly frustrated with the experience. I don’t really hold this against Microsoft, though – I am a fan of anything that gives users more options for building an ecosystem that works best for them, and expanding out into these markets is, I believe, ultimately a good thing for competition.

Overall, I still think that this was the best phone choice for me, and I do still recommend the devices – but I’m already looking ahead to what Nokia releases next!

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