Thank You, Microsoft! Hello, High Fidelity!

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January 21, 2017

I’ve been taking this month to settle into the new year, because a lot has been going on – and I’m excited (although it is bitter sweet!) to announce that yesterday was my last day at Microsoft and I’ll be heading to High Fidelity on Monday!

I first joined Microsoft as an intern in 2010, working on Windows MultiPoint Server (now MultiPoint Services) as an explorer intern, and returned for two more internships as a program manager with the WMS team up in Redmond. In 2013, after graduation, I joined the Remote Desktop team in Silicon Valley, where I was a PM for user experience on the non-Windows RDS clients for a year and a half before discovering my passion for VR and joining the developer evangelism team as a virtual and augmented reality evangelist in San Francisco.

Microsoft team members at Stanford’s Tree Hacks hackathon in 2016

The past two and a half years have given me an amazing opportunity to dive deep into a number of different areas around immersive technologies, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have kicked off my career with such great team members. This is a hard post to write, simply because of how much I could reflect – but now, it’s time to focus on what lies ahead, and I can’t wait to share this next step of the journey with all of you in the VR & AR community! <3


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1 thought on “Thank You, Microsoft! Hello, High Fidelity!”

  1. Congratulations Liv! So you’re rolling with the “new year, fresh start” approach 😉 Exciting changes.

    Last thursday I got to see the HoloLens device for the first time. Unfortunately I didn’t really feel like actually wearing it myself, as I wasn’t feeling a 100% (because of a nasty cold). But the video feed on the presenter’s screen gave me an idea of the projected images he was seeing. He gave us an overview of setting up a project for HoloLens in Unity. And made it look relatively simple 😉

    I can only imagine how such devices may have evolved in, let’s say, ten years from now.

    On shorter term: I’m looking forward to reading more of your updates from within the world of AR/VR 🙂

    Wishing you success and, most of all, lots of fun and learning on your new job at ‘Hi-Fi’!
    – Richard

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