Monday Musings: An Ode to Preorders

Today I pre-ordered an HTC Vive Full room-scale tracking will finally be mine I’ve painted with light and thrown eggs with ease Consumer VR is a hit sure to please Some people complain that the price is too high Like the launch of the phone that began with an ‘i’ A device that can make […]

Day 1: Oculus Connect 2 Reflections

Yesterday was the first day of general sessions for Oculus Connect 2, and while I sleepily made a video recapping the highlights, I realized when I went to upload it to YouTube that I made the mistake of vertical video, and decided three minutes of me rambling wasn’t worth it. So you get a blog […]

KittenVR: Testing out Collisons

Last week, I introduced KittenVR – a living development experiment where I attempt to document as much of my virtual reality development experiments as possible. I am a Unity n00b and VR fan girl, and my hope with this project is to inspire other aspiring developers to feel confident jumping into their own VR applications, […]

Designing for Mobile VR with Chris Pruett

Only days after Oculus announced their Mobile VR Game Jam and Samsung revealed the second iteration of their Gear VR headset, the momentum around smartphone VR games at GDC continued. Robot Invader co-founder Chris Pruett discussed Dead Secret, an upcoming Gear VR murder mystery title, and the process for making the game VR-ready. Pruett, who also works for Oculus’s Developer […]