5 Minute Script: Floating Rotation Effect in Unity

I’m working on a new level for KittenVR and I wanted to share a really quick script to add a space-like floating effect for objects in your Unity scene. Attach this script to an object that has a RigidBody, and you’ll instantly grant your scene a nifty little anti-gravity effect for floating in place and rotating […]

Upgrading KittenVR to Unity 5.1

Last week, I set off on a mission to tidy up how Events were handled in KittenVR – leading up to 0.1.6, all of the raycasts were done by hand and there was a lot of specific logic separating out the non-VR mode and VR modes. I also had hardcoded the OnClick() behavior within one […]

KittenVR 0.1.6 is now “available”

I have a problem bringing things to completion. I don’t feel like KittenVR should have a major release number, because right now, it’s just one little scene that I made in Unity. It’s only been played and tested on my computer, with my Oculus settings, and I haven’t actually let anyone else play it yet […]

Handling Level Resets in Unity

I’ve been polishing up the non-VR enabled version of KittenVR in order to learn about the various ways different things are exported from Unity and the quirks with WebGL and other formats. I’ve been working on fixing a few bugs with the WebGL build, in particular, and figured it was a good opportunity to share […]

KittenVR: Testing out Collisons

Last week, I introduced KittenVR – a living development experiment where I attempt to document as much of my virtual reality development experiments as possible. I am a Unity n00b and VR fan girl, and my hope with this project is to inspire other aspiring developers to feel confident jumping into their own VR applications, […]

Collecting Kittens in Unity with KittenVR

Kitten VR began as an experiment with building low poly environments in Unity 5, and quickly turned into a simple application with a lot of potential. My goals with Kitten VR are twofold: to have a simple, easy to play mini-game for use with virtual reality devices that I can use as a basis for […]