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September 19, 2016

Hey all! I wanted to drop in a follow-up from a recent blog post about giving talks on WebVR using A-Frame because a video from one of the conferences I gave the talk at, Full Stack Fest, has gone up on YouTube and is now available for your viewing enjoyment! In this talk, I nervously hide […]

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September 5, 2016

This past Thursday, I had the privilege of speaking about the VR Web, a topic near and dear to my heart, at Coldfront, a front-end focused, single-track conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite battling off the remnants of a particularly nasty cold, my talk at Coldfront was one of my favorites that I’ve ever given. Why? […]

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February 23, 2016

A wild episode of Just A/VR Show has appeared! In this episode, I show two very basic A-Frame examples and talk about how you can get started with these new “building blocks for the VR web” from the MozVR team. GitHub repository for examples used in the video: https://github.com/misslivirose/hello-aframe  The coordinating Sway presentation: https://sway.com/T1ZvH6DlEIZ6xDXo

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