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May 6, 2013

Okay guys. I’m starting to think that maybe the end of the semester, “I don’t have much work left to do” time was not the best time to install RescueTime. As it stands, here are my stats for the past week:



Yeah. I spent a lot of time on reddit. To be fair, I did most of my work on my desktop computer last week (I had a python assignment to do, and I prefer Linux for that) and I haven’t really had a lot of other stuff to work on, but seeing how much time I spend on my computer (over 5 hours a day?) and how little of it is actually productive (21% is really awful) makes me seriously reconsider my internet addiction.

Honestly, I think that if I ran this program while at work, I would see massive improvements. My internet use as a college kid is dramatically different from the work I do when I’m actually working, so I’m interested to see how that improves. One thing is certain though: I seriously need a non-computer related hobby, and I need to start doing some actually productive side projects this summer so that my productivity doesn’t go any lower!

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