My Summer Goal List

Random Musings
May 28, 2013

I’ve been an official college graduate for just over a week now, and I’m already making lists of new things to do before I move to California in July and start working full time. I like structure and goals, so here are mine for the time being:

1. Learn JavaScript

I decided last year that relying on C# and Java wasn’t enough, so I took a python class this past semester and have decided to expand my programming languages by adding JavaScript to the list. I’m currently working my way through Codecademy, which I’m loving right now, and want to have the course finished by the time I get back from Thailand in three weeks.

2. Blog More / Revamp the website

Becoming a “big girl” professional means I’ve got to have the online portfolio to go with it. By the time I start working, I hope to have a site that I’m proud of and willing to share with my coworkers and network. I’ve already updated my LinkedIn profile – maybe my new knowledge of JavaScript will come in handy! I also want to spend more time keeping up with industry news and writing about it – practice makes perfect, right?

3. Take the GMAT

I recently decided that I’d like to have business school as a possibility in my future, so I’ve started studying for the GMAT and plan to take the test in August. I don’t have b-school planned out 100% yet, but I definitely want to have the option if I decide I want my MBA in a couple of years. What can I say – maybe I miss taking tests in college already.

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