My Microsoft Anniversary

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July 15, 2014

One year ago today, I joined Microsoft in their Silicon Valley campus with the Remote Desktop team. The past year has been full of fun, challenges, and opportunities – I’m taking a moment today to reflect.

People often ask me what I do at Microsoft, and my response varies from week to week. I’ve had a chance to design features, build iOS prototypes, spec error handling behavior, build Android prototypes, and manage partner relationships for a server operating system. I’ve worked with people from my previous internships and made new friends, both in my team and in other areas of Microsoft (shout out to the developer evangelists, who are awesome networkers and friends!) I’ve dabbled in user design, made icons, written help content, published a hotfix package! And much, much more.

I’ve learned how to use a MacBook! Yes, my team builds Mac and iOS apps. Yes, I get weird looks when I bring my (work provided!) MacBook Pro to the Redmond Campus. I’ve gotten to experience the joys of flying to a city for day trips and coming back exhausted.

There have been ups and downs – I’ve learned that I’m good at things I never realized I knew how to do, I’ve fallen back in love with things I had sworn I would never enjoy doing (development! coding!) and I’ve started to appreciate things I had previously written off as things I didn’t need, like Inbox Zero (it took a full work day to clear out a year’s worth of emails, and that was with a heavy filtering system applied throughout the past year.) and coffee. Oh, how I drink coffee now.

Unfortunately, the projects I’m working on are still mostly under cover, so I can’t get into more details – but all I really need to say is that it’s been a great first year* – now let’s see what year number two brings!


* Let’s be honest – technically including my internships, I’m already close to hitting my second year – I’m technically at 1.75 years with Microsoft today. But they don’t count that way, so I’m going with their numbers. 🙂


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