Monday Musings: VR & Cats

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May 2, 2016

Today’s Monday Musing post is a short list of considerations for cat owners with a passion for VR. Over the weekend, Mosby (the rascal pictured above) got himself into trouble and I figured I’d share to help others avoid learning these lessons the hard way. Right now, there have only been two incidents, but I’m sure Mosby will find more ways to cause trouble… and I’ll update here when he does. Because, you know, something something internet cats.

Lesson 1: Glass heads should be well-protected at all times

I purchased two glass heads for storing my Rift & Vive, and was pretty confident that Mosby wouldn’t be able to do any damage to them – they’re pretty heavy. They’ve both been sitting on my end table, and they’ve been working great. Kitty was free to jump around and didn’t appear to have any ability to move them. That said, it only takes once, and yesterday, Mosby jumped up onto the head, knocking it onto the (concrete) floor and smashing the head into pieces. RIP glass head. That thing was pulverized.

The Rift, thankfully, wasn’t damaged at all, though I did end up needing to remove the face plate to clear out glass shards, which wasn’t fun and had me holding my breath the entire time. Mosby was also unharmed, so the only casualty was the head.

Lesson 2: Pets may not enjoy the Vive as much as you do

This is pretty self explanatory. Short of sticking one of the Vive controllers on the cat and calling it a day, there is a risk of stepping on pet tails when they wander curiously into the play area to discover why their human is jumping around and flailing their arms about. Mosby learned to avoid the Vive setup pretty fast, but still wanders occasionally and needs a reminder that we can’t see him.

I’m thinking about building a motion sensor alarm for in-headset. Actually, there’s a growing list of projects that I want to take on for IOT-ing my VR setup, so keep an eye out for that!

In the meantime, do you have any pets + VR stories? Share them below!

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  1. C7210 says:

    poor glass head. Mosby is such a beautiful cat btw.

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