Monday Musings: Vive Setup!

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April 11, 2016

I’m traveling for a few conferences this week, so today’s Monday Musing is actually coming to you from last Thursday. Yesterday, my Vive arrived in the mail, so I wanted to jot down my notes from setup while they’re still fresh.

I’ve heard through a couple of sources that there were some pretty negative reactions to the HTC Vive, one complaint being setup time, and I had definitely seen a fair amount of difficulties in setup with the dev kits. That said, I was cautiously optimistic about how long it would take me to set up the system and it turned out to be an incredibly straightforward process. I haven’t mounted the lighthouse systems just yet, but I’m fortunate enough to have a huge living room with pillars that block off a 15′ x 15′ space, and putting the lighthouse sensors on top of a bookshelf worked surprisingly well for my first setup.

One of the controllers wasn’t accurately detected when we ran the first room setup, but it was an easy fix to hold down the system button to reconfigure the detection mode. I did have to run the room setup a couple of times to adjust the play space, and the first time resulted in the floor being at eye level, but a firmware update and new room reset fixed that right up and it was go time!

When I was in the first run application, learning about the controls, I was frustrated that I couldn’t easily skip through the tutorial, and the system buttons were never detected, which required a reset. I ran into similar issues a few times first starting out, but after a couple of SteamVR restarts, the system seemed to find its legs.

This is aligned with what my expectations were – the room scale tracking and hand controls really add a lot to a VR experience, but the reliability and stability of the Vive still seems behind where Oculus is by quite a bit. Even just with my DK 2, the Oculus home software has been running smoothly and hasn’t frozen up or calibrated incorrectly – however, it did require a registry edit to complete the install, so it wasn’t completely without a challenge.

Regardless, I am so excited that we’ve entered this new wave of consumer virtual reality devices! I downloaded and played with Realities, Tiltbrush, and started downloads for a bunch of other games I’ve been waiting to try, and I’m really excited to come back to it when I return from my trip and do deeper dives into the games that I have.

We’re here, everyone! We’re here!

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