Monday Musings: The Waiting Game

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February 8, 2016

I feel like I’m holding my breath.

Two years ago, I decided to go all in learning VR development, and I’m coming up on my first anniversary as a VR Evangelist for Microsoft.

Iterations of the Gear VR and Cardboard-styled mobile HMDs have been in the wild for those two years. I’ve seen multiple iterations of the Oculus hardware, played with the Vive, and travelled around the world to get people excited about the upcoming growth of the industry. Now, just mere weeks out from consumer desktop devices shipping, wider availability, and higher exposure – I’m tired of waiting. I want everyone else to get what I’m so excited about.

It’s kind of weird, how things have seemed to move so fast and slow at the same time. Over a year ago, I was trying the Crescent Bay, but I haven’t been able to show anything newer than the DK 2 in my own demos. I’ve been paused on development because I don’t have anything with motion controllers.

I’m ready for the next stage of this to take off.

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