Monday Musings: I Expect You To Die & Keep Talking

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February 15, 2016

I often hear people worry about the antisocial nature of virtual reality, but I actually love it as an icebreaker. A lot of people are curious about it, and outside of the industry, most haven’t had a chance to explore games or apps outside of quick demos, if at all. This weekend, I had a group of friends over and we pulled out my DK2 (can’t wait for Rift preorders to arrive!) to play a few games.

Although I Expect You To Die isn’t a multiplayer game, the mirroring to the main monitor let us all see what the player in the headset did. Two of the five of us hadn’t ever played before, and those two took turns in the headset attempting to escape the level. The other three of us were on assist, which really just meant commenting on everything they did, dropping hints now and then, and laughing. There was so much laughter.

I always love giving demos, and doing them in a group with friends is one of the best ways to experience VR. In ‘I Expect You To Die’, you’re working on this crazy out-there puzzle in an experience unlike anything before, but that is vaguely familiar thanks to James Bond. And even though it isn’t really a multiplayer game in and of itself, playing IEYTD in a group results in hilarity. It felt like we were in our own little version of a comedic spy movie.

Once a successful escape was completed, we put on Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, which is a great multiplayer puzzle game where the person inside a VR headset and the players outside of it collaborate to defuse bombs that only the person in VR can see. Not only a great party game – it was awesome to get to show some of my friends how close consumer VR is getting, and why I’m so hooked on it.

I can’t wait for this to become a regular event!

What are your favorite games to play with your friends to show them VR? 

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