Monday Musings: And So, We Wait

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April 4, 2016

Well, last week I wrote about what I thought would be my “final few memories” with my DK 2. Having preordered both the Rift (8:05am confirmation) and the HTC Vive (7:02am confirmation) I expected that my Rift would be in my hands and my Vive would be just a few short days away from taking over my living room.

Well, as of today I still have no idea where my Rift is, but my Vive has a tracking number and I’ve been loving the launch of consumer VR.

Virtual reality is bringing me back to gaming. In college, I was a bit of a World of Warcraft addict and kicked off my blogging career with a WoW blog, but apart from casually dabbling in Guild Wars 2 and playing through Portal, gaming had kind of fallen out of my hobbies for a while.

Because when isn't a 6-year-old screenshot a value add to a blog?

Because when isn’t a 6-year-old screenshot a value add to a blog? My WoW character, Aistra, decked out in Cataclysm gear.

Over the weekend, I logged a significant amount of time in my DK 2, playing Carpe Lucem and Lucky’s Tale… a lot. At this point, my Lucky’s Tale save is over 50% and I’m already itching to beat the game. I have the same feeling that I had as a kid playing through Super Mario 64 – that the 100% complete is going to be mine, and it’s only a matter of time!

As much as I’d like to have a consumer Rift or my HTC Vive in hand, I’m still really excited and impressed with how this launch is going. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten this much fun out of playing games, and the improvements that Oculus made since the 0.8 runtime are substantial, even on the almost-2-year-old DK 2. It’s awesome seeing the final releases of games that have been demoing for years, and exploring the changes. It also is an absolute blast to show friends – I’ve said this before, but it needs repeating: VR is not inherently an anti-social technology, contrary to popular belief.

So what will I be working on while I (not-quite) patiently wait to turn my loft into a virtual reality playhouse? Well, I’m glad you asked!

  • I’ll be continuing to play Lucky’s Tale and Carpe Lucem, because I freaking love puzzle games!
  • I’m teaching the 3rd of six VR labs at Unity for AR/VR Women tonight!
  • A new episode of Just A/VR Show goes live tomorrow morning at 9am!
  • Thursday, I’m flying out to Philadelphia to talk VR at not one, but two tech summits!
  • I’m investing heavily in exclamation points!

Expect some game reviews incoming and a bunch of updates as I have a week away from my headsets. Happy Monday, y’all. May the virtual reality devices of your choosing be with you.



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