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November 20, 2014

Christmas came to California a month and a half early – my DK 2 has finally arrived!

Naturally, my apartment has been an absolute wreck this week, so I had to shove a bunch of stuff in boxes to clear off my desk, which I then turned into my brand-new VR battle station, complete with a four pound bag of Starbursts and a cat on the keyboard.

Setup was fairly straightforward, though I struggled through setting up the Mac displays and my brand-spanking-new MBP struggled when I accidentally started the same demo experience a bunch of times, and it took me about ten minutes after getting the DK 2 set up before I dropped in an OVR Player Controller asset into my Unity game and was able to see my first experience in front of my own eyes!

I’m not very good at writing things in Unity yet, that I now know.

I am so psyched to get a chance to play around with this over the weekend. This is seriously the coolest thing ever!

  • Livi

WTF of the Week: This guy is raising money to live as another person in the Oculus Rift! Crazy cool, or unbelievably weird? I haven’t decided yet.

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