I’m in Paris for Viva Tech!

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June 14, 2017

I could not be more excited to have landed in France this morning for VivaTech, a showcase conference for future-oriented technology and startups here in Paris. The conference begins tomorrow, and I’ll be roaming the show floor to catch up with VR and other emerging technology startups and listen to some pretty inspiring talks about the ways that a range of technologies are changing our world. In addition to the VR startups (which of course, I’m always excited for!) I’m looking forward to hearing about what’s happening in the robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotech spaces as well, to name just a few.

I’ll be tweeting throughout the event (you can also follow the event #VivaTech to see what others are saying too!) as well as posting periodically through Snapchat and Instagram as well (@missLiviRose everywhere) if you’d like to stay on top of my adventures while I’m here at VivaTech! If there’s anything specific at the event you’d like to see me cover, make sure to drop me a message and let me know what you’re most excited about seeing.


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