Goodbye, USA!

May 10, 2015

And hello, San Francisco International Terminal G!

Okay, so I guess that’s still the USA for now – but it won’t be for long! Today, I’m heading off on my first international trip in 2 years to Hungary, for JS Conf Budapest, where I’ll be sharing my addiction love of virtual reality with a talk on the role JavaScript is playing in VR. In case you guys can’t tell, I am really freaking excited.


At the BART station loaded up and ready to go! Oculus & MBP in tow.

If you’re attending JS Conf Budapest and want to try out the Rift yourself, let me know and we can try to schedule a time to do a demo! It won’t be quite as awesome as when it’s being run off of a really powerful PC, but the MBP usually works for me and I’d be happy to show it off!

After the conference, I’ll go ahead and share my slide deck and notes so anyone interested can take a look. I’ve got a huge combo of nerves and excitement building up inside me and I can’t wait to hopefully inspire a few more devs to jump on the VR train!


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