VR at Grace Hopper 2015

I was excited to have the opportunity to present two VR-related talks at the 2015 Grace Hopper Conference in Houston, Texas. With a personal goal of getting as many people interested in taking the plunge into the virtual and augmented reality industry, I was excited to share my initial thoughts and feelings on Inclusive VR […]

KittenVR: Testing out Collisons

Last week, I introduced KittenVR – a living development experiment where I attempt to document as much of my virtual reality development experiments as possible. I am a Unity n00b and VR fan girl, and my hope with this project is to inspire other aspiring developers to feel confident jumping into their own VR applications, […]

Goodbye, USA!

And hello, San Francisco International Terminal G! Okay, so I guess that’s still the USA for now – but it won’t be for long! Today, I’m heading off on my first international trip in 2 years to Hungary, for JS Conf Budapest, where I’ll be sharing my addiction love of virtual reality with a talk […]

Working with Background Music: A Reflection

People often find it crazy that I tend to work in silence. If I’m just reading up on things online or researching, I’ll often put on a TV show in the background (I’m currently working my way through Archer) but if I’m working from home or programming, my default is to sit quietly and listen […]

We live in the Misinformation Age

Thanks to indexing sites like Google, free and instant-access encyclopedias like Wikipedia, and a limitless amount of data that can be shared instantly, we are living in the start of the era of the Information Age, characterized by the prevalence of technology and computers in virtually every aspect of our day-to-day lives. That said, not […]