Panoramas at Scotland JS

I used a few of these shots taken with the Cardboard Camera application during my time in Edinburgh at ScotlandJS this week. I wanted to go ahead and share them, for those who either want to view or use them! Side note: I’m really disappointed that the spherical camera is no longer an option in the […]

Monday Musings: Last Week, Today

Welcome to Monday Musings. You know the drill. The past week was an incredible adventure of VR, games, and great company, starting with the VR Hackathon and going straight through GDC. I only had a chance to check out the Expo floor, but even without a full conference pass, I was kept busy from Friday-Friday. […]

Updating to WebVR 0.3.0

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I had time to play around with WebVR, and when my flight back to the West coast was delayed 45 minutes, I figured I’d use the time to upgrade after Boris Smus, the author of the WebVR Boilerplate code, tweeted about the updates. To my pleasant surprise, upgrading […]

Lessons on VR Development

Hey everyone! In my last post, I mentioned that I was headed to Germany to teach virtual reality development and I’m back in the States with 10 fewer Cardboards and lessons learned on virtual reality development. Getting the opportunity to teach something that I am incredibly passionate about as part of a women-in-tech summer program internationally was nothing short of a dream come true.

View from the Stage: JSConfBP

Last week, I was in Budapest for the first JSConf hosted there – and I wanted a way to relive the experience of being on stage in VR, so naturally, I took a photosphere of the stage as soon as I had a chance! Without a photo sphere viewer, the picture is a little strange, […]

Google Cardboard First Impressions

I’ll admit it – the first time I saw Google’s first public entry into the VR space with Google Cardboard, I laughed. The demo, while really cool for showing potential, was buggy and I quickly felt dizzy trying out the sample applications they had. Only a couple of days after Google I/O, Cardboard felt a […]