Day 1: Oculus Connect 2 Reflections

Yesterday was the first day of general sessions for Oculus Connect 2, and while I sleepily made a video recapping the highlights, I realized when I went to upload it to YouTube that I made the mistake of vertical video, and decided three minutes of me rambling wasn’t worth it. So you get a blog […]

It’s a wrap! Reflections on SDC 2014

Today was the final day of the Samsung Developer Conference, and it was a blast! This was my first time attending SDC and the past two days were a whirlwind of hands-on play, awesome new tech, and a ton of virtual reality experiences that made me even more excited about where VR is headed. Trust me, […]

First Day SDC 2014 Impressions

We just left the keynote for the Samsung Developer Conference, and it was a good day for VR! First up, we got a first look at “Project Beyond”, Samsung’s 360 video camera. Samsung announced their first venture into 3D stereoscopic VR recording during the keynote and showed off a demo of it! Next, we saw […]

Facebook Buying Oculus – Can I have an OASIS now?

One of my favorite books, Ready Player One, explores a virtual reality that has taken over the actual reality. Humanity lives in a dystopian world where their escape from their ‘stacks’ – trailer parks built on vertical scaffolding – is the OASIS, a VR game/social network that provides everyone with a magical escape to classic […]

The Converging of the Mobile and Desktop OS

A few months back when Google announced that they were keeping Chrome OS and Android separate, I wrote a blog post about why this disappointed me. Yesterday, when Apple announced the iPhone 5S, I got a little bit of that excitement back. The introduction of the 64-bit mobile operating system gave me faith that my dream […]