Voice is the New UI (and it Matters for Immersive Tech)

While at first glance, AI seems largely separate from virtual and augmented reality, the convergence of the two is rapidly approaching. During Day 1 of VivaTech today, artificial intelligence was center stage, featured heavily in the keynote and throughout panels and demo stations alike. There is no doubt that voice as a platform is evolving, […]

The [Better] Way to Complain on the Internet

We all have one: a friend (or five) who posts a lot of rants on Facebook about how one thing or another sucks, how a product is just so terrible! or how they can’t stand how that company ruins everything they try and release. This negativity is prevalent with the anonymity and “safety-in-numbers” feeling that the internet provides, […]

My Google Shopping Express Experience!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Google launched the beta version of a same-day delivery service in the Bay Area called Google Shopping Express. The premise is simple: The stores you know and love now do same-day delivery thanks to Google’s personal service. I decided to give it a try.