Random Musings & Life / VR Updates

Hey everyone! I have a lot of random things that I wanted to roll up into one blog post, so fasten those virtual seatbelts and get ready for a lot of rapid-fire topic changes! All prepared? Great! First things first – I have a new gadget to play with! At this point, I’ve had my […]

Getting Started with Vuforia in Unity

After wrestling with writing my own implementation of a QR code reader in Unity (you can check out my post on webcam screenshots in Unity here) I finally decided to leave it to the experts and go with a more robust solution. Qualcomm’s Vuforia augmented reality platform, which works for both mobile and head-mounted AR devices, has […]

My Unity: Assets I Love

I am not really a shopaholic, but the Unity Asset Store occasionally makes me question that assertion. I tweeted about spending a good amount of money yesterday buying asset packages, and there was quite a bit of interest in what they were, so I wanted to share the asset packages that I’ve bought that I’m loving […]