27 Goals for my Next Trip Around the Sun!

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January 26, 2018

Yesterday, with the company of some of my closest friends, I celebrated turning 27 years old with dinner, drinks, and excellent conversation. I’ve always enjoyed birthdays, and this year, I wanted to take time to reflect on what I learned over the past 12 months and set goals for myself to accomplish before my next birthday. I’ve found that structuring specific things to do has helped me tremendously, and I’ve applied that thinking to help me make the most of 27.

So, without further introduction – 27 Goals for 27!

1. Run a sub-28 minute 5k
2. ‎ Complete a half marathon
3. ‎ Get my SCUBA certification
4. ‎ Lose 10lbs
5. ‎Hike Upper Falls at Yosemite
6. ‎ Play and beat a new video game
7. ‎ Publish a short story collection
8. ‎ Understand and set 5-10 year goals
9. ‎ Take (at least!) one international trip
10. ‎ Paint an art piece I’m proud of
11. ‎ Visit ten new places in the SF Bay area
12. ‎ Improve my snowboarding abilities
13. ‎ Take regularly scheduled self care days
14. ‎ Release a programmed side project
15. ‎ Design and implement a Visual Studio Code theme
16. ‎ Climb a 5.10c route
17. ‎ Take more photos (and be better about sharing them!)
18. ‎ Visit two new US cities
19. ‎ Cross San Francisco on foot
20. ‎ Track another 52 things that I’ve learned through the year
21. ‎ Speak at four events
22. ‎ Get my Fove to a good home
23. ‎ Do three dead hang pullups
24. ‎ Create new educational resources for VR development
25. ‎ Win one round of Just Dance at game night
26. ‎ Hit my annual saving goal
27. ‎ Add five new pages to my long-term journal

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