OC 3 & Reality, Virtually Hack Recap!

What a week! It’s a busy few weeks for the VR industry: Oculus by Facebook hosted their third developer conference, OC3, in San Jose this past week, MIT Media Lab held a four-day hackathon in Boston focusing on virtual and augmented reality over the weekend, and Valve has their Steam Dev Days starting this week – […]

Adding 360 Video to Unity

As the line between 360 video and computer-generated interactive content blurs, one thing I find myself frequently being asked is how to add a 360 degree video into a Unity scene for playback. This quick tutorial will walk through a quick way to add 360, 2D video content (e.g. the types video shot from a […]

Building the Matrix: Your First VR App

This past weekend, I had a great time at Silicon Valley Code Camp in San Jose talking all things virtual reality! My slides for my talk, Building The Matrix: Your First VR App, are now available on SlideShare. This talk covered the basics of building for virtual reality, the options that are available to developers, […]