Away We Go! Euro-Bound Adventures

This post is brought to you from the International Terminal at SFO, because Kat Harris are off on an adventure to Iceland! What do two VR devs do when they travel abroad? Bring extra phones, Gear VRs, and deckbuilding card games, of course! I’m speaking at JS Conf Iceland this Thursday on one of my favorite topics, […]

Developing as a Developer Evangelist: My Strategies

This isn’t an entirely VR-related post, so bear with me here. I’ve been spending a lot of time developing (which has been absolutely amazing) so I figured that it was time to update with some things that I’ve been noticing about my workflow and productivity. A lot of this is probably more scientifically documented elsewhere, […]

AudioShield Review

As promised in my last post, I wanted to spend some time writing down my thoughts and impressions of AudioShield, an amazing Vive application that lets you battle off glowing orbs set to the beat of music playing. Although AudioShield has been out for a while, I only recently picked it up, but it’s quickly […]