Reflections on the Vacation Mindset

It might be a little bit silly to be posting about vacation-related things on a developer/VR blog, but I had a really fun and introspective week, some of which I wanted to share my thoughts on. I also toyed with the idea of titling this post “The Importance of Non-Screen Time”, but ultimately I feel […]

32 Hours to Vacation & Holiday Reading List

I have 32 hours before I leave on vacation. It’s the first vacation that I’ve been on where I’m going laptop-less since I can remember. I haven’t had a vacation where I wasn’t working since right after college, and to be honest, and as silly as it sounds – I’m a little bit nervous about leaving […]

Dear Oculus

No company got me as excited as you did for virtual reality. In 2014, I watched Ally of Pixelwhipt talk about the second iteration of your developer kit, and I was immediately sold. I decided to change my entire career to focus around these groundbreaking advancements in immersive technologies, and I’ve been working as a VR developer and […]

Monday Musings: Optimism about VR

I’ve recently been asked a few times: what will you do if VR fails? I take issue with the idea that an entire technology paradigm will ‘fail’, especially because virtual reality as a technological platform is still at such an early stage relative to its potential. There is plenty of negativity going around, but this […]

Panoramas at Scotland JS

I used a few of these shots taken with the Cardboard Camera application during my time in Edinburgh at ScotlandJS this week. I wanted to go ahead and share them, for those who either want to view or use them! Side note: I’m really disappointed that the spherical camera is no longer an option in the […]