4 Tips for Learning Development with Side Projects

Getting into the habit of starting side projects is something that can seem intimidating to new developers. When I first decided to learn virtual reality development, I had to get more serious about self-driven side projects. As a technical evangelist at Microsoft, I’ve spent a fair amount of time on small projects to teach the […]

Monday Musings: My VR Setup

I’m a few weeks into owning my Vive and CV 1 Rift, and it’s only been within the last few days that I’ve finally managed to get everything (almost) set up and ready to go! In the above photo, you can see how I’ve relegated the living room into the far corner of my apartment […]

5 Minute Script: Floating Rotation Effect in Unity

I’m working on a new level for KittenVR and I wanted to share a really quick script to add a space-like floating effect for objects in your Unity scene. Attach this script to an object that has a RigidBody, and you’ll instantly grant your scene a nifty little anti-gravity effect for floating in place and rotating […]

Monday Musings: Vive Setup!

I’m traveling for a few conferences this week, so today’s Monday Musing is actually coming to you from last Thursday. Yesterday, my Vive arrived in the mail, so I wanted to jot down my notes from setup while they’re still fresh. I’ve heard through a couple of sources that there were some pretty negative reactions […]

Monday Musings: And So, We Wait

Well, last week I wrote about what I thought would be my “final few memories” with my DK 2. Having preordered both the Rift (8:05am confirmation) and the HTC Vive (7:02am confirmation) I expected that my Rift would be in my hands and my Vive would be just a few short days away from taking […]