Monday Musings: An Ode to Preorders

Today I pre-ordered an HTC Vive Full room-scale tracking will finally be mine I’ve painted with light and thrown eggs with ease Consumer VR is a hit sure to please Some people complain that the price is too high Like the launch of the phone that began with an ‘i’ A device that can make […]

Just A/VR Show: Building the VR Web with A-Frame

A wild episode of Just A/VR Show has appeared! In this episode, I show two very basic A-Frame examples and talk about how you can get started with these new “building blocks for the VR web” from the MozVR team. GitHub repository for examples used in the video:  The coordinating Sway presentation:

Leap Motion Orion Update!

Leap Motion released their Orion update today, so, naturally, I dropped everything I was doing to rig up a velcro-powered mount for my Leap Motion, stuck it onto my DK2, and went to down with two of the sample apps that they provided, Blocks and Geometric. I’ve written before about my first attempt at playing […]

Guest Episode: Amanda Lange talks Unreal for VR

Hey everyone! On this week’s episode of Just A/VR Show, Amanda Lange (@second_truth) talks about how she created the “opening credits” ride effect in VR using Unreal Engine for the Oculus DK 2. It’s a great primer to show off the basics of Unreal Engine and I found it an incredibly helpful watch, as I’ve […]

Monday Musings: The Waiting Game

I feel like I’m holding my breath. Two years ago, I decided to go all in learning VR development, and I’m coming up on my first anniversary as a VR Evangelist for Microsoft. Iterations of the Gear VR and Cardboard-styled mobile HMDs have been in the wild for those two years. I’ve seen multiple iterations of […]