Exploring Graphics & Math with Three.JS

Hey fellow developers! I mentioned in a video blog that I shared last week that I was starting a graphics course at Stanford, and week one is finished! I’ve rediscovered my love of graphics programming, and my love of school (no joke!) and have taken to Three.JS again with a new desire to learn all […]

Upgrading KittenVR to Unity 5.1

Last week, I set off on a mission to tidy up how Events were handled in KittenVR – leading up to 0.1.6, all of the raycasts were done by hand and there was a lot of specific logic separating out the non-VR mode and VR modes. I also had hardcoded the OnClick() behavior within one […]

Kids Love Virtual Reality

When you’re feeling down about the bug you can’t fix, a major studio announces a title that is too similar to yours for comfort, or the doubters and naysayers are being just a bit too persuasive for comfort – go show a group of kids virtual reality for the first time, and be ready for […]

KittenVR 0.1.6 is now “available”

I have a problem bringing things to completion. I don’t feel like KittenVR should have a major release number, because right now, it’s just one little scene that I made in Unity. It’s only been played and tested on my computer, with my Oculus settings, and I haven’t actually let anyone else play it yet […]

Creating NPC Text for VR in Unity

Y’all. I struggled with this for a LONG time. It seemed simple enough – although text and user interface elements in virtual reality are new and best-practice-less for the time being (and there is a lot of discussion on the topic of how to do this really cleanly for readability), I was simply interested in […]