View from the Stage: JSConfBP

Last week, I was in Budapest for the first JSConf hosted there – and I wanted a way to relive the experience of being on stage in VR, so naturally, I took a photosphere of the stage as soon as I had a chance! Without a photo sphere viewer, the picture is a little strange, […]

KittenVR: Testing out Collisons

Last week, I introduced KittenVR – a living development experiment where I attempt to document as much of my virtual reality development experiments as possible. I am a Unity n00b and VR fan girl, and my hope with this project is to inspire other aspiring developers to feel confident jumping into their own VR applications, […]

Collecting Kittens in Unity with KittenVR

Kitten VR began as an experiment with building low poly environments in Unity 5, and quickly turned into a simple application with a lot of potential. My goals with Kitten VR are twofold: to have a simple, easy to play mini-game for use with virtual reality devices that I can use as a basis for […]

Adventures in Budapest @ JSConf!

A week ago, I boarded a plane in San Francisco and set out to Budapest, Hungary, in preparation for the inaugural JSConfBP, which was this past Thursday and Friday at the Uránia Cinema, central to the Pest side of the city. Over the past several days, I got to meet an incredibly diverse number of talented […]

Goodbye, USA!

And hello, San Francisco International Terminal G! Okay, so I guess that’s still the USA for now – but it won’t be for long! Today, I’m heading off on my first international trip in 2 years to Hungary, for JS Conf Budapest, where I’ll be sharing my addiction love of virtual reality with a talk […]

Playing around with Vizor Create

I’ve recently spent most of my time playing with virtual reality web development, so when I was putting together a list of the tools that would be interesting to dive into deeper, Vizor Create looked interesting but also like it might be more trouble than it was worth. I’m at the point with one of my other […]