Helpful Links

WebVR – A project template for creating WebVR apps – Download center for Mozilla’s Nightly build for Firefox (WebVR enabled) Chromium Web VR Builds – Part 1 of my first venture into building a WebVR demo – Part 2 of my first venture into building a WebVR demo Unity – Tutorial for […]

After Hours @ BUILD – RSVP Today!

Not attending BUILD but interested in getting the scoop? Join us on April 29th at our After Hours event and meet with me and the rest of the Northern California Microsoft evangelism team in a social setting to hear about our OSS journey. We’ve got a lot we’re excited to share, and we want that […]

Unity Tutorial: Getting Started

Introduction So you want to learn how to develop 3D experiences for games and virtual reality, but have no idea where to start? This is the place to do it! This Unity tutorial is designed to help you take your previous experience writing code and learn how to turn that knowledge into building a 3D application […]

Moving in a WebVR Three.JS Scene – Quick Fix

I’m in the process of writing an ASP.NET web application using Three.JS and WebVR, specifically with the webvr-boilerplate library from Borismus on GitHub, and wanted to share the small change I’ve used to quickly set up a basic movement mechanism for the camera. This isn’t an intensive tutorial on getting set up with WebVR or Three.JS, though […]