An [International] Update!

March has been filled with all sorts of madness for me – after a crazy fun week at GDC, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a few of my side projects (some are starting to share up into actual experiences, I’m happy to say!) and writing conference proposals. But the most exciting […]

Introducing Astro AR

This past weekend, I participated in a Meta AR Augmented Reality hackathon in San Francisco and had a chance to play around with & try building for one of the only consumer-available AR headsets. I’ll be going into more detail in an upcoming post about the technical side of the event, but I’ve gotten some […]

Accessing SWAPI in Unity

A few weeks ago, I learned about SWAPI (Star Wars API) – the REST API for getting information about people, planets, ships, films, and species related to the Star Wars universe. As part of a Meta AR hackathon project that I worked on this weekend, I decided to integrate SWAPI into Unity. You can find the […]

Fove Eye Tracking VR Headset – Hands On!

This week at GDC, virtual reality was on the forefront of everyone’s minds as SVVR and SFVR veterans took to the Expo floor and companies large and small began showcasing their forays into the VR and AR space. The promising demos of the week, though, weren’t limited to HTC and Valve with their Vive headset, despite many […]

Designing for Mobile VR with Chris Pruett

Only days after Oculus announced their Mobile VR Game Jam and Samsung revealed the second iteration of their Gear VR headset, the momentum around smartphone VR games at GDC continued. Robot Invader co-founder Chris Pruett discussed Dead Secret, an upcoming Gear VR murder mystery title, and the process for making the game VR-ready. Pruett, who also works for Oculus’s Developer […]