February News

Hi all! It’s been a crazy busy month but I wanted to update on a few new things that I’m working on and get a status update out, partially for my own benefit so I can keep track of what’s going on myself. First, and what was basically the catalyst of this post: I have […]

Creating a Timer GUI in Unity

Hey all! February has been a busy month for me – I’ve been heads down in several projects and cranking out more content for my upcoming Unity tutorial, but over the past few days I worked on a simple scripting exercise to add a timer to the maze I’m building/writing about in the tutorial and […]

Proof of Concept: TedVR

As part of my explorations on VR trends, I put together a proof of concept for viewing Ted Talks in VR and how current web experiences will transfer into the new medium that virtual reality brings. I’ve affectionately been referring to the project as Ted Extended, but as a full disclaimer, this is a project I’ve […]

Experiments in WebVR – Part 2

Back in January, I wrote about my first attempt at using the new WebVR “standards” (I’ll get more into this later) to make a mini JavaScript application that uses Three.js and a Three VR Renderer from wwwtyro. In this post, I’ll walk through the steps that I followed to get a demo up and running using […]

Explorations in Potential Virtual Reality Trends

We are finally ready for virtual reality. The smartphone industry and availability of the internet has provided the world with pocket computers and has created an “always on, always connected” mentality that will bridge the gap between physical and virtual environments. Virtual reality is coming (arguably, to some circles, is already here) – but it’s […]