Facebook Buying Oculus – Can I have an OASIS now?

One of my favorite books, Ready Player One, explores a virtual reality that has taken over the actual reality. Humanity lives in a dystopian world where their escape from their ‘stacks’ – trailer parks built on vertical scaffolding – is the OASIS, a VR game/social network that provides everyone with a magical escape to classic […]

My First Official Hackathon!

My First Official Hackathon! I’ll be attending rosie.wants.you(to_code) on May 3rd and 4th in San Francisco for my first Hackathon! I registered as a hacker, because I recently started a new side project that I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to work on. I’m super psyched! 

File Extensions Matter

Well, of course they do. File extensions are an important part of including resources in applications, and missing or incorrect ones can corrupt files and cause all kinds of issues. For me, it was spending hours tracking down a bug in my Android application code only to discover the problem was using a .tiff image […]