She’s Geeky: The Unconference Experience

Yesterday was the third and final day of the Bay Area She’s Geeky “Unconference”, an event that provides women of all ages with the chance to build a conference experience about what matters to them. The format for the three-day event is based on the concepts of Open Space Technology, which emphasizes the importance of […]

My typing has greatly improved…

I have been hemming and hawing about getting a mechanical switch keyboard for months (almost a year) and was thrilled to death to be the proud recipient of a CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid keyboard for Christmas. It has Cherry MX switches and the difference it has made in my typing ability is remarkable, for […]

Observing a crash on iOS development

So this was weird. Today, for the first time in my (admittedly short) iOS development career, I managed to completely crash my iPad 2 in the middle of testing an app. I’m not talking an application crash – my iPad just completely froze and would not budge. I had launched the app after running it […]


Welcome to BugSpotting, the new post series where I rant about bugs I come across in my daily computer uses. Today’s bugs: Facebook chat in IE 11: When talking in a Facebook chat box on IE 11, every time you type a line it gives you an accompanying line break- Internet Explorer still has 50.02% […]

My First Boot Camp Experience

Going back to why error messages are important, I had my first experience with Boot Camp today on my MBP. I copied a Windows 8.1 USB .iso over to a large flash drive from my Windows PC, copied from that drive to my desktop on my MacBook, and went about launching Boot Camp assistant to get set up. OS X warned me […]