Error Messages are Important

Today, I was trying to create a new account on my Nexus 7 so I could download an app from the Google Play store. I entered my first name, last name, and then started trying to pick an account name. msftlivi – “This name is unavailable” liviericmsft – ‘This name is unavailable” … and on […]

The [Better] Way to Complain on the Internet

We all have one: a friend (or five) who posts a lot of rants on Facebook about how one thing or another sucks, how a product is just so terrible! or how they can’t stand how that company ruins everything they try and release. This negativity is prevalent with the anonymity and “safety-in-numbers” feeling that the internet provides, […]

Airport Development

I love working in airports. Yes, there are crowds. There’s noise. There may be a crying baby next to me – but I have some of my peak productivity when I’m sitting in an airport terminal, waiting for a flight. It doesn’t matter where it is (as long as it isn’t O’Hare) or whether it’s […]