My Summer Goal List

I’ve been an official college graduate for just over a week now, and I’m already making lists of new things to do before I move to California in July and start working full time. I like structure and goals, so here are mine for the time being: 1. Learn JavaScript I decided last year that […]

It’s Almost Graduation!

In three days, I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech. In July, I will be moving to California to start what quite honestly feels like my dream job. After 4 years, I wanted to post a reflection about my path to this point in my life. I decided to take […]

Rescue Time – Productivity Check 1

Okay guys. I’m starting to think that maybe the end of the semester, “I don’t have much work left to do” time was not the best time to install RescueTime. As it stands, here are my stats for the past week:   Yeah. I spent a lot of time on reddit. To be fair, I did […]